Lots of rain in spring followed by a cool summer bringing more wet so in many places there was a considerable loss in volume a situation further exacerbated by the onset of fungal diseases. Some vineyards in favourable locations assisted by strict yield control and properly chosen harvest time produced wines which exceed expectations. The aszús from 2010 show steely acidity which promises a long life ahead.

The abundant water reserves in the soil left over from the heavy rains of the previous year coupled with the warm spring and hot summer speeded up ripening. The vines were not stressed by the summer heatwave and yields were in the expected region. It was sunny during harvest, there was no pressure by rot or diseases.

After a dry winter both spring and summer brought extreme temperatures and the heat took its toll on the vines. Yields were adversely effected not only by drought but also by violent storms bringing hail. As a consequence of the continuous heat harvest started early and aszú production was down once again. The dry wines of the vintage are rich and full-bodied.

A balanced vintage with sufficient amounts of precipitation evenly distributed throughout the year. Summer was warm. The vintage produced wines for the long haul with exemplary balance of sugar and acidity. A great year for aszús.

A vintage of challanges with lots of rain and low summer temperatures. It was hard to protect the grapes from diseases and pests. Harvest demanded great care and hard work. Conditions were not favourable for aszú production.

Overall a warm year with hot summer and little precipitation. The weather induced early ripening and the younger vines struggled to cope with the heat. Botrytis set on early, this is a vintage of softer wines with lower acidity.

A balanced year. A mild spring was followed by a sufficiently warm summer that was devoid of extreme heat. However in the later part of summer unexpected heavy rains and occasional hail made working in the vineyards much more difficult. Despite the adverse conditions we managed to protect the grapes from powdery mildew. It was a painstaking job to select the aszú berries.